A purse isn’t just a fashion statement – it needs to be robust, it needs to be well thought out, and it needs to be secure.

Robust because it is going to be used almost every day. It will be tossed into handbags, thrown on the back seats of cars, crushed beneath shopping, lost in the laundry basket; the humble purse goes through a lot in its lifetime and it needs to be able to stand up to the punishment.

Well thought out because a purse without enough compartments, without space for cards that is separate to the space for notes, a purse with no consideration given to family photographs, trinkets, or one that does not make it easy to retrieve a store or debit card when it is needed is not going to be popular.

Secure because the purse, like no other part of a woman’s wardrobe, is where the most important and treasured possessions are kept. A purse that opens too easily and spills photos and money across the ground for it all to be whisked away by the wind is the very worst.

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